Are you an author who wants to make an audiobook?

Podcast host that needs someone to polish and edit those episodes every week? 

Videographer who needs the air conditioner sound, traffic or wind noise removed?

Facebook Live or YouTube broadcaster that wants to repurpose your videos to a podcast or webinar?


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Think of Audio Newborn Productions as the Labor and Delivery room of audio newborns.  There are no “small” projects born here.  Each one has a purpose and is significant.  Much time, labor, dreams, and thoughts are devoted to aid in the development of new projects and to bring them to life.  This room is often frequented and filled with gifted, skilled and talented people that have dedicated some portion of their lives to bring about the most healthy, professional and successful “birth” to their projects.  Therefore, this facility shall remain free from infectious bad attitudes, unhealthy and foul language, prideful agendas, trash talking, name calling, etc. (You Know!)

It is the goal and purpose of Audio Newborn Productions to provide a professional, comfortable, informative, inspiring, creative, skillful, helpful, and pleasant environment for the creation, development, production and delivery of your newborn recording.